jason palamara,
composer performer guerilla musician
Introducing #trashchestra (pictured above), the world's first-and-only 100% recycled laptop orchestra!  My "one-man DIY punk rock laptop orchestra" debuted at the April iHearIC at Java House in Iowa City.  Over the past year I have been taking donations of laptops and other electronic devices that would otherwise go into a landfill and transforming them into musical instruments.  The current ensemble is made up of 6 machines, but there is always room for more!  If you have an old computer (desktop/laptop/whatev) or another electronic device or peripheral (monitors, speakers, what have you), I would love to have it!  I will wipe all data from any machine I receive so you don't have to worry about identity theft.  For details/pickup/delivery of trash machines/any other questions, email me here.  Concerts, shows, and collaborations TBA soon!

A new commission from PRIZM Duo's OctoberFestival of New Music!  Performances somewhere between October 5th and 8th, TBA soon!

Download my music!  Pay whatever you want (yes, even $0)!  Check it out here.

New album collaboration with Justin Comer!  Details soon, release date will be sometime in December 2016.

My first full length album of music for dance!  Release date July 28th!  Stay tuned!

My first full length live movie score!  Hush-hush
, top secret!  TBA!

Jason Palamara is an electroacoustic composer from New Jersey living and teaching in the Midwest. He is an active performer and improviser on the violin, guitar and laptop and was a founding member of the Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa (
LOUi).  He has teaching experience at Grinnell College and Iowa State University of Science and Technology, with a PhD from the University of Iowa and other degrees from the University of Louisville and Butler University.  Jason previously worked as the in-house composer for the University Of Iowa Department Of Dance and composed music for many dance department projects, specializing in new music technologies, collaboration and improvisation.  His recent works have seen performances by the JACK Quartet, the Enid Trio, and several performances by the Baker-Tarpaga Dance Project in Burkina Faso, Africa.  In 2015, his music saw performances New York City, Laramie, Santa Monica, Bangkok, Mexico and at the International Computer Music Conference in Denton, Texas.  His piece Ragnarök, Baby, was recently released on Jeffrey Agrell's CD Soundings: Improvisations and Compositions for Horn and Electronica.  There are rumors that he is building a new laptop orchestra...more to come on this later.  In his spare time, he teaches songwriting and musicianship to the inmates at Oakdale Community Prison.