jason palamara,
composer performer guerilla musician

2 New Releases from JCϟjp

DANCERS / CHOREOGRAPHERS: Mark your calendars people! MICI 2017 dates are set: JUNE 18-24! The Architects with artist/designer Kathy Couch and musician Jason Palamara (me)! Hope to see you there...  Check it out/apply here.

jason palamara is a composer, improviser, performer, teacher, musical technologist and guerilla musician. He specializes in composing music for dance, film, theater and in developing new music technologies. He is a lecturer of Music Technology and Composition at Iowa State University of Science and Technology and holds degrees from the University of Iowa, University of Louisville and Butler University. At UI, jason was a founder of the very successful Laptop Orchestra at the University of Iowa (LOUi) and recently constructed and debuted the world's first laptop orchestra made of 100% recycled machines, which has been performing under the name trashchestra. Since 2009, he has been developing his own generative improvisation software, HIDI (Human Instrument Digital Interface), a project that has gone far beyond the standard human-using-tool model and progressed into a full philosophically cyborgian synthesis of man and machine. His recently released full length album JCϟjp is a collaboration with saxophonist, composer and laptop musician Justin K. Comer which aims at taking avant-garde electronic music back to its DIY punk-rock roots.