jason palamara,
composer performer guerilla musician

New solo album from jason palamara!  
[bornwith 2brains]

(now available on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify,
YouTube, and everywhere else good music is sold!)

DANCERS / CHOREOGRAPHERS / MUSICIANS: Mark your calendars people! The Movement Intensive if Compositional Improvisation (MICI 2018) dates are set: JUNE 17-23! The Architects with artist/designer Kathy Couch and musician Jason Palamara (me)! Hope to see you there...  Check it out/apply here.

For the first time ever, MICI is now taking applications for musician participants as well as dancers and choreographers!  MICI musicians will work primarily with jason palamara, but will participate fully in all MICI events.  It will be a great opportunity to connect with dancers from all over the world.

jason palamara is a composer, performer and educator from New Jersey, living in Indianapolis, Indiana. He specializes in composing music for dance, film, theater and in developing new music technologies. He is a lecturer of Music Technology and Composition at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), where he is the founder and director of the DISEnsemble (Destructive/Inventive Systems Ensemble), a hardware hacking and circuit bending group. Dr. palamara has constructed and performed with the world's first laptop orchestra ('trashchestra') made of 100% recycled technology. He also has released his own albums of music for dance, intending to provide choreographers with “choreography-ready” music that is engaging, edgy and deep. His latest album, [bornwith 2brains] is available on iTunes, Spotify and anywhere else one might look for new music.